From the moment you embark a culinary experience awaits you. Trained to serve the most discerning guests in restaurants in Italy and the entire Dalmatian coast and on a select number of top yachts, our Chef Boban has picked flavors from all his travels in Europe, Italy and of course, Croatia, where he was born. Boban is a big fishing fan himself, so there will always be fresh fish on his menu!  

Like on all yachts of this size, Chef Boban is a one-man-orchestra ensuring that you will be singing with happiness after your meals onboard. His kitchen, the "galley" as it is called when it is on a boat or a ship, is equipped with the necessary ingredients to make you happy: A knowledgeable and experienced chef, proper equipment, love for cooking, and ...lack of space (makes chefs more creative...)!  Little wonders come out of his galley, first for the guests but also for the crew, because a boat with happy crew is a happy boat too!


Boban´s menu is based on Mediterranean classics with a modern twist, a refreshing interpretation for the cuisine as appropriate for the climate. The menu style is elegant and uncompromising on flavor.

A Delicious Welcome Onboard!